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like it’s game 7

Imagine this with me. We’re in Miami. The Heat and Thunder are in the NBA Finals. You watch as LeBron brings the ball down the court. But as he does, you see Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem inexplicably swarm around him.  When you’re sitting there wondering what’s going on you realize they’re actually … Continue reading

God >

I’m comforted by the number of times the humanity and imperfection of God’s people is clearly seen. And they are told either by God or by His messengers, “Do not be afraid.  Do not fear.   Don’t let your heart be troubled.” When our own humanity and imperfection is most clearly seen, we have the same … Continue reading

how’s your prayer life?

A friend of mine recently visited a congregation in search of an evangelist. I was as surprised as he was when he shared the first question he was asked right off the bat. “What version do you use?  Nope.” “What is your stance about this?  Nope.” “What is your stance about that?  No.” The very … Continue reading